Am primit azi o invitatie sa ma alatur grupului Erasmus Student Nertwork Lisboa 2009-2010, impreuna cu o invitatie la gratar si un cupon cu care pot sa beau bere cu 50 de centi. Eu le-am spus ca nu am unde sta cand ajung, ei au spus sa ii caut dupa ce ma descurc, ca sa imi dea un card cu care sa am reduceri in 2 cluburi din Bairo Alto si in alte locuri gen inchirieri masini. Super. 1) Treasure your time, manage it well and enjoy it to the fullest. 2) Learn the language of the host country and speak it every time you can. 3) Get used to hear English language spoken in very funny pronunciations. 4) The Erasmus student doesn't celebrate common festivities that much : he rather worships the day my parents sent me money and the day my parents mailed me a package full of good stuff. 5) Toilet paper isn't an unlimited asset : sometimes you should go and buy it. 6) Don't worry too much if you didn't respect all your before Erasmus good resolutions : c' mon, you were probably too optimist or it was too serious stuff. 7) Remember sometimes that you're not on holiday. Remember that you're on holiday. 9) It's very likely that your biological clock will be reversed; don't worry, unless you don't bleed somebody dry you're not a vampire. 10) Try not to fall in love during Erasmus. 11) You can experience that Europe is much much more than a political and economic union. 12) Remember sometimes that you went to Erasmus also to study. 13) Remember always that you are in unique international environment. 14) Remember always that you're living the most beautiful and important experience of your life. 15) Remember always that you have now a unique opportunity to meet really really special people from all around the world. 16) Try make friends also with local people, not only with other Erasmus/international students. 17) Also Monday and Tuesday are good days for partying. 18) Carpe diem. 19) Erasmus parties are not common parties : they are the catharsis from all your repressed wishes of the pre-Erasmus period. 20) Every chance is good for throwing a party. And if you don't find it you're not a real Erasmus. 21) Learn how to cook well : it's very cool. Let your new international friends taste the typical food of your home country. 22) Try not to teach only swearwords in your mother language, but also the culture of your country. And laugh about it with your Erasmus friends. 23) Don't become a lazy Erasmus student : do some form of sport, go to the gym. 24) Keep always ready your camera/mobile : often pictures are the only way you have to reconstruct what happened in those 3 hours you don't remember anything. Moreover this way you could immortalize unique (drunk) moments (and for this reason many will hate you). 25) If you can play any instrument or you can cook well, in Erasmus you are automatically cool. 26) You can finally meet people from those countries that you know only through geography books. 27) What happens in Erasmus, stays in Erasmus. 28) Keep in contact with the friends you have in your home country : don't forget them ! 29) If you don't want to be killed on the first day, don't talk in your language to friends of the same country in presence of other Erasmus people. 30) Doing Erasmus is like a rite of passage, of initiation ; it's like jumping drunk into the icy water of a Finnish lake after a sauna : you'll never forget it. 31) With great independence comes great responsibility. 32) Invite all your friends to join this group : )