I said in the title that I went to a salon where I had been massaged by a beautiful sexy girl. And I tell you it was very hot and interesting in the same time. I never experience nothing like that and and it was fucking amazing. I felt like a bad boy that was doing some very naughty things. And I like it a lot.
But I think that I should start with the beginning and tell you that I enjoy an erotic massage at confidential. And to be more specific, confidential is a salon in Bucharest who has sexy girls and hot atmosphere. I can t say that it is a nice salon with very dedicated people. And if I said that it means a lot. I mean, a solon of massage it is not some strange place. On a contrary, it is a place where you can relax and feel free of all the problems that you have in life. It is like a relaxation session and I think you and I  and everyone needs to be relax time to time.
So, as I said I went to an erotic massage at confidential because I wanted to feel free from all the tension and stress. And I think that is an normal thing because if you don’t let go of all the stress then you can not look in front of what is going to come. In this case, the erotic massage is what we need. I know that this kind of therapy has help me a lot and I am very happy that I tried and now I can share whith you my experience of life. And if you think I am exaggerated, well…I an not.
This is a experience of lifetime and am very happy that I experience such a subject that is so tabo. Not for all people but no majority of them it is a tabo. And I don’t understand why. You need to try new things and the erotic massage is one of those things. I am fucking serious when I say that. Go and try for yourself and see if really like it or not. That is my advice I thing it is a pretty good one. If your porpuse in life is to discover new things in life then this is your chance. If you have not experience things in life no have to try and take chance.